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Penis Sleeves & Extensions

Fantasy Perfect X-Tensions, Flesh Penis Enlarger Cock Extension Fantasy Perfect X-Tensions, Flesh Penis Enlarger Cock Extension

Fantasy Perfect X-Tensions, Flesh Penis Enlarger Cock Extension

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Product size: 7 x 2 x 2 inches; Weight: 8 ounces Material: Cyberskin Color: meat The lifelike cyber skin made of sex meat, the extension of the penis will make you thicker and longer in a very soft way. Increase your length by 1.75..

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What are the penis sleeves & extensions?

The penis sleeves & extensions (also known as the sheath) is a cylindrical object that is specifically designed to fit the penis, which increases the size, shape, length or circumference of the penis.

What does it do?

The penis sleeves & extensions is usually made of plastic, rubber or silicone. They have a hollow design for easy insertion into the penis. One or both ends may be open, and the cover may constitute an opening or be completely stable. However, some designs represent block and bump texture enhancement stimuli.

Choose penis sleeves & extensions

·Material (silica material is the most widely used)

·Adaptation (sufficient flexibility, sufficient tightness, no slip)

·Vibration bar (for more stimulation)

·Installation and use of casing

Now all kinds of penis sleeves & extensions are self-adhesive. In a typical self-contained penis sleeves & extensions, it consists of a tightly fitting opening into which the penis is inserted. However, for an erect penis, it is reasonable to find that the entire sleeve is too tight, which prevents the sleeve from falling off due to sliding. In addition, the penis sleeves with straps are now popular. The tape on the penis sleeves & extensions is attached to the testicle to prevent it from falling off during sexual intercourse. The penis sleeves & extensions are hollow, however it may contain an opening at one end or an opening at both ends. The penis sleeves & extensions come in a variety of sizes and textures and are very popular among men today.

Why use the penis sleeves & extensions?

For men who are overly concerned about the size of the penis, penis sleeves & extensions may be one of the right choices. A special design of a penis sleeves & extensions provides extra length or perimeter of the erect penis and assists in superb bed performance. Different models have unusual extra lengths, typically ranging from a few inches to an inch. This change in shape and size stimulates women's sexual fanaticism. The combination of the friction of the sleeve and the insertion of the vagina provides a wonderful experience for the partner. Penile sleeves have been found to be very popular among most men. The penis sleeves & extensions can make you excited in a short time because it stimulates your libido and builds confidence by increasing the size of the penis and excellent sexual stimulation.

How safe is it to use the penis sleeves & extensions?

The penis sleeves & extensions is safe if you have a correct one. However, in some cases it may irritate the skin of the penis. In this case, it is recommended to use some oil or lubricant to protect. The oil of choice must be targeted at strong and healthy skin.